Men’s Shoe Guide: Types of Leather Shoes

As the pandemic slows down and vaccination is on the rise, life is gradually returning to normal for good (fingers crossed!). Offices are returning to function offline, people are coming out of their homes going places after months! So it’s a perfect time to update your wardrobe with the trends of 2022 and get your hands(or your feet!) on these stylish tan color shoes for men. Let us have a look at different types of leather shoes that have existed and are continuously evolving for centuries in the world of fashion.

1.The Oxfords

Kicking off our men’s shoe guide is the mighty Oxford, probably the best-known type of leather shoe. The Oxford is a sleek, formal lace-up shoe identified by its “closed” lacing style and the gorgeous appeal that the shoe is made from one piece of leather. Perfect for any formal occasion such as an interview, important meeting, wedding with formal dress codes, oxfords instantly give your outlook a different class altogether.

2.The Brogues

Brogue shoes are a style of Leather shoes that come with a perforated design punched along the edge of the leather overlapping the vamp. In short, Brogue is the style of shoes with holes. Although more appealing in a casual and stylish setup, brogues if matched correctly with formal attires can set you aside from the ordinary. These beautiful semi-brogues on our website are available in 3 shades, a must-have in any gentleman’s shoe collection!

3.The Loafer

If ever a shoe expressed freedom over formality, comfort over propriety, then it is definitely the loafer. Identified by its wide heel and slip-on capabilities, it is a perfect mix between smart and casual. Available in different styles and colours on our website, choose the one that fits your personality. Let’s say you have a party in the evening after your office and don’t want to change shoes in between then these casual loafers shoes are the best choice for you!

4.The Monks

The Monk Strap style is defined as any shoe that uses a strap and a buckle instead of rather than laces to secure the foot in the shoe. When there’s a broader strap with two buckles, that’s called a Double Monk. Those who are new to the monk strap will fare best with black colour, although more seasoned wearers should feel free to experiment with the dark brown shade. A simple yet elegant choice, wear it with a smart blazer, shirt and trousers for the best effect.

5. The Derby

The Derby can be delicate and classy, as well as sturdy and rugged. With its “open lace” construction, the Derby is suitable for a gentleman with a wider fit and higher in-step. This ensures more comfort compared to an Oxford shoe which has a tighter lacing system. Although a Derby could be worn in formal settings, it is more casual than an Oxford and could arguably make for a more comfortable, functional fit for everyday office life.

Head to theLeather collection tab and choose the leather shoe type that completes your shoe collection!

Happy shopping!  

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