Leather Shoe: Quintessential For a Shoe Wardrobe

Leather shoes for men have been around for centuries, withstood all the fashion changes and are still just as relevant as they were in any era. The world’s oldest leather shoe, made from a single piece of cowhide laced with a leather cord along seams at the front and back, was found in Armenia and is believed to date to 3500 BC! Since then they have transitioned from practicality into fashion, transformed into several types, redefined fashion trends and made a place in every man’s shoe wardrobe.

Types of leather shoes:

Leather Monks: stand out with straps!

Available in 2 colours, monk Straps are in that interesting area in the middle, dressy at times but with an edge of daring and fun that seems to say “Hey, I’m smart and relaxed.” The monk strap shoe is for the man that likes versatility; today, it can be seen as formal or casual. The monk strap shoe can satisfy a countless number of occasions where a variety of dress codes are required; from the board room to baggage claim to a 5-star restaurant, the shoe fits right in!

Leather Loafers: the king of versatility

Leather loafers, be it a penny, gucci or horse bit, are always practical, comfortable, fashionable, and traditional. You will see the strip of leather around the saddle and also the diamond cut out the shape, which makes it an excellent semi-formal shoe perfect for wearing in a wedding to match your suit or wear every day to your office. Made out of top quality leather, these shoes will enhance your looks as well as rest your soles for greater comfort. Available in black and brown in three different styles, these should be your go-to shoes!

Leather Oxfords and Derbys: get your suits ready!

Specially crafted with high-quality leather, Oxfords and Derbys look elegant with their spotless lines, smooth finish, and slim shape. The only difference they both have is the close or open lacing system. Whether you want to wear them for an interview, a dinner date, or on your big day, oxfords and derbys go with any occasion and attire. They’re among the most sought after wedding shoes for men. We have the oxfords available in black and derbys in black and brown colours. So if you’ve never bought a pair of oxfords or derbys for yourself, it’s high time you give them a shot!

Leather Brogues: sophisticated character!

These formal yet bold shoes are perfect for a day at the office, weddings and other celebrations – and they’re designed for those who want to be noticed, not those who prefer to blend in! Brogues are defined by their distinctive pattern of decorative holes, known as broguing, The fewer the holes, the more formal the shoe. Available in black, brown and tan colours, different colours give out a different impression. Tan colour makes it less formal but more loud and trendy whereas brown and black brogues are more suited with formal attires. Buy the one that your shoe wardrobe lacks!

There are many benefits of wearing leather shoes, especially for work. Leather gives you extra comfort and protection so you don’t have to worry about your shoes. Check out our Leather collection brought to you by Movin Air.

Happy shopping!

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