Leather loafers_Slip into perfection!

Loafers are perhaps the most stylish shoes of our time. They are well constructed, can retain the shape and supreme look even when they get scruffy, and can adapt to any sort of fashion.

The loafer has many origin stories. According to one of them, they evolved from a Norwegian man who hybridized traditional Native American and Norwegian footwear. The loafer came to the U.S. after post-World War I. First being just casual footwear worn by farmers, Americans started wearing comfortable and easy-to-wear shoes for casual wear, then the slip-on became the popular choice for office wear.

Initially, Loafers were restricted for casual wear, but as they quickly grew in popularity and became mainstream, more and more formal Leather loafers for men started getting the attention. Let’s have a look at some of this elegant footwear!

Retro Charmers

With beautiful stitching at its ends, these Horsebit loafers give off a somewhat retro, nevertheless sophisticated vibe. Semi-formal in nature, it excels at leaving you looking dressed up but still relaxed and simplistic. The soft leather and flexible cushioned sole leaves your feet in heaven of comfort. Available in brown and black colours, they look stunning with tailored suits, wool trousers, fitted jeans and refined pants.

Dashing formals

Available in brown and black, these leather loafers are fabricated with utmost care keeping in mind the comfort of your soles. These can be worn at marriages, formal events and yes, at the office. Suits are a very sophisticated dress and you should match that level of sophistication with these adorable shoes. These are long-lasting and lightweight so you don’t have to worry about buying formal shoes for a long time once you buy this pair of smashers!

Elegance and ease

Comfortable, traditional and classic, this penny loafer delivers straightforward elegance with enduring ease. If you want the gorgeous aura in your personality, you should not ignore these shoes. Wear them with jeans, casual pants, chinos or shorts and you’ve got the makings of an attractive look that will get you noticed! Offered in dark colours like black and brown, this piece of leather remains a versatile, adaptive and downright handsome shoe.

Let these shoes amplify your personality. Go ahead and check out these fashionable Leather Loafers for men brought to you by Movin Air.

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