Formal Shoes: Your Office Look Matters!

Leather shoes are classic and never go out of fashion. They are elegant, sophisticated, and add weight to your entire look, especially with the stylish leather shoes for men that are in vogue today.

A man must always try his best to groom his overall look, whatever be the occasion. Whether you’re running errands, heading out to a meeting or a weekend night with your colleagues; your shoes represent your personality. So be wise enough while looking out for formal shoe options. Your everyday office look calls for a meticulous consideration of your pick. Lucky for you we have gathered an exclusive list of formal leather shoes for you to choose from.

Elegant monk straps

These classics are monk strap shoes and are worn casually or formally. Available in brown and black, their unique style is great at adding a boost to the standard suit and tie look, making you stand out at the office. They add a complex, unique style to your personality that stands out a little more, with the straps more of a statement part of the shoe.

The stylish semi-brogue

There is something about the brown tints of leather. They add character to your overall fashion. These classy brogues are just about right to take your business attire to the next level of sophistication. The tinted tan colour makes it universal and wearable with any formal outfit. The fine perforations on the toe top and heel cup bring back the tradition of original brogues. Available in tan, brown and black colour, get your hands on one of them today!

Black oxfords: truly timeless

Oxfords are simple, elegant and the most classical shoes out there. Black is the number one choice for your office shoes, they fit seamlessly with suit and tie and are a staple for a basic gentlemanly look. Made of the leather of highest quality and high gauge material sole, they’ll help your feet to stay comfortable and cool in those hectic office hours.

The derby touch

Derby shoes are just as formal as oxfords but with the added advantage that they can even be worn along with smart casual and semi-formal outfits. The fine perforations on the toe-top make it appear a little brogue-ish while the rest of the shoe is simple and elegant like an Oxford, so you have the best of both worlds. These can be worn at the office, for a coffee, on a dinner date or any kind of get together where you need to look sharp in formals.

Find a perfect pair for your ultimate office outfit. Get these quintessential stylish leather shoes for men brought to you by Movin Air.

Happy shopping!

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