Looking After Your Loafers: Cleaning & Care

Considered somewhat as the crown jewel of men’s footwear, the Loafers are arguably the most versatile piece of men’s shoes you can add to your collection. In addition, they are laceless, practical and comfortable, quite simply the perfect shoe for any occasion. From the preppy penny loafer to the suede stylish loafers for men, there’s a men’s loafer for every taste and event.

Like all shoes, loafers need a bit of looking after, especially if you are wearing them without socks. Therefore we have answers to some of the questions you may have concerning the health of your loafers!

  1. How do I keep them clean?

Your loafers must be clean for a sharp and authentic look. Cleaning your loafers depends on the material, for example, a leather styled loafer can be cleaned using a hard bristled brush and polish. This will keep them looking as good as new and buff away any marks. For a patent styled loafer, wet cloth or antibacterial wipe will quickly get them clean and looking sparkling again.

  1. What if they get wet and muddy?

Getting your shoes wet and full of mud is the last thing you want. Try your best to avoid water and moisture. If your loafers get a bit muddy for any reason, don’t worry, they can be cleaned relatively easily. Leave them to dry out in a cool place to allow the mud to dry before carefully using a knife to chip away the dried mud. For any nooks and crannies, an old toothbrush will do the job.

  1. How to get rid of those scuff marks?

We’ve all experienced that heartbreaking moment when you accidentally scuff up your favourite pair of shoes. Here are some tips to ease your pain when that happens with your loafers!

Many fresh scuff marks can be removed by simply rubbing the mark with a slightly damp soft, white cloth. For any dirt patches, invest in a shoe brush and simply use this in circular motions alongside warm water to help remove any marks. Another pro tip is to use a pencil eraser; these are fantastic for removing those stubborn marks that water alone will just not budge.

  1. Should I clean the insides?

When your feet sweat, they activate odour-causing bacteria. This can result in an unpleasant stinky smell. To get rid of this problem, you must clean the insides of your loafers! Every time you wear them, give the insides a quick wipe with a wet cloth or an antibacterial wipe and then leave them to dry. If this doesn’t make the smell go away, mix a teaspoon of vinegar with water, soak it in a sponge and use it gently to clean the insides of your loafers. Allow the insoles to air-dry. This can help to eliminate all the dirt inside. You can also sprinkle the insides of your loafers with baking soda or a shoe disinfectant spray after each wearing to deodorize them.

Take care of your loafers and they’ll take care of your looks! Buy stylish loafers for men brought to you by Movin Air.

Happy shopping!