5 Reasons to Love the Loafers

No need for an intro, the title says it all. We’re here to explain why stylists love the loafers and why you should too. Loafers for men help to simplify things and give you a style boost. Here’re 5 reasons why to buy mens shoe

They have no laces.

You don’t have to worry about your shoes becoming untied, what colour laces you should be wearing, or how you should be tying the knot. With a pair of loafers, you slip them on and go.

They can be dressed up or down.

The penny loafer can play many different roles. It was originally designed as a more casual shoe. Because of its lower profile, and its ability to look good sans socks, it pairs well with chinos (and even shorts). However, its formality extends all the way up to being acceptably paired with most suits. This makes the loafer a key item in a versatile wardrobe. You can wear them with damn near anything.

They look great without socks.

The trend of showing some ankle has become more mainstream lately, but many do it incorrectly. We see many guys go sock-less with something like a pair of oxfords and head into work. This looks goofy – like you’re missing something. Loafers look fantastic without socks. And guess what? They look great with socks too.

Yes, they tend to be associated with summer looks, but the loafer needs no hibernation. A sock-less ankle in cold weather might get you a few strange looks, but that’s not the shoe’s fault. Grab a pair of brown suede loafers and watch how well they work into your autumn outfits. Be sure to wear a pair of socks (or don’t).

They work year-round.

They have style baked into them.

Loafers are a very classic form of footwear and have been around for quite some time. Despite this, few men are willing to venture into loafer land. You’ve been shopping with guys who are averse to any sort of slip-on footwear. To each their own. But this gives you an opportunity to shine. Wearing loafers is a subtle style bump up to your outfit. While others are wearing humdrum footwear, you’ll look like you know what you’re doing.

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Happy shopping!

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