Mastering the Monsoon Footwear Game

The rainy season is the trickiest when it comes to dressing and looking stylish. Monsoon can wreak havoc on men’s fashion choices and put one in an embarrassing situation. While stepping out in this weather is fun, we do dislike some of the effects it causes like smelly socks, sloppy outfits and squeaky shoes. This monsoon, we’ll tell you how you can keep your feet happy and fashionable with these stylish shoes for men!

Get comfy!

Monsoon is the ideal time when men prefer to wear shirts and shorts on casual occasions. If there are moderate showers, you can go for these lightweight loafers with soft moulding which are the right pick during the rainy season as they won’t get much damaged by water and still give you a trendy look!

Get classy!

If you want to look your best with formal attires without giving up the class of leather shoes in monsoon, then you should get a pair of these leather loafers. They are highly comfortable with a high class of leather used. Even if it gets wet, it can be quickly dried and cleaned, saving you from an awkward situation. Perfect for an important meeting on a rainy day!

Get sporty!

Who says that you cannot be sporty during the monsoons? These casual sports shoes are all you will need for those early morning walks and jogging in the open. The aggressive outsole of these shoes will enable them to work out even on slippery surfaces. Add this smart pair of Black sneakers to your collection to flaunt your sporty look in the season of water and splash!

Get versatile!

Whether you have a party for weekends or have an early morning team meeting at your office, this pair of Brown Casuals loafers are the perfect shoes for you that are highly comfortable yet stylish and competitive. These are one of the most versatile shoes we have, specially designed to be lightweight and dry quickly if they get damp. The weather-resistant and thick sole of these shoes will keep you away from the monsoon’s wet damp.

Get resistant!

These are the best fits for the rain day outing. People have misconceptions that sandals are not for rain, it’s not true. The sandals are a good fit for those rainy day walks and are easy to clean if they get muddy. Plus, sandals can also be worn even if it’s not raining and with any casual and semi-formal attire indeed!

Also remember, during the monsoon, your shoes suffer more than any other season. You have to take good care of them; otherwise, they will be spoiled. All that muddy water and splash will stain your shoes permanently if not cleaned properly and on time.

Be trendy even on damp rainy days! Get one of these all-weather proof stylish shoes for men brought to you by Movin Air.

Happy shopping!

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