Spring is here! Shoe trends you simply cannot miss out on

Spring is one of those times when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold, when it is summer in the light and winter in the shade. In a season when both the warmth and chill makes merry, it is important to wear the kind of shoes that keeps you warm but also lets your feet breathe by letting air pass through. So we thought to throw some light on some of the best shoes for men that are perfect for this season of joy and merry-making.

The laid-back loafers

Your Spring-time shoe collection would be incomplete without these colourful loafers that are not just lightweight but also super comfortable and breathable. These loafers are available in four different colours: blue, green, tan and black, so you can wear each day a different colour, thus, living the Spring season in the rightest and truest way.

The business loafers

If you are a loafers fan, you simply cannot say no to this pair of timeless beauty. A pair that not just goes with casuals but complements formals as well. Take gentlemanly steps this season and make people aware of your presence.

The athletic yellow sneakers

As Spring fills our lives with bright colours, this pair of bright and sexy pair of sports shoes will splash some life into your wardrobe. Transform your look this season as you pair these up with sweats, formals or casuals.

The indispensable pair

The best thing about owning these beauties is that you can never go wrong with any outfit to pair them up with. It is simply impossible to take a wrong step with these white sneakers.

The ageless brogues

This exquisite and timeless work of art, whether it is spring, summer, fall or winter, is always the right choice. Whether you want to go tuxedo or ripped-jeans, this brogue is a die-hard-must-have in every man’s wardrobe.

The stare-worthy sneakers

Spring is a season when sneakers are very much in fashion. Update your sneakers collection with this calm but bright blue sneakers and see people make shoe contact before they make eye-contact with you

The unpretentious black sneakers

We all need a pair of black sneakers in our wardrobe because of its tractable nature, go with outfits of all colours. It is a super safe and not to mention, stylish option. Pair these bad boys up with different colours and turn the heat up a notch this Spring

This Spring, wear different colours and show different shades of you with some of the best shoes for men, brought to you by Movin Air.

Happy Shopping!

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