Care Tips for Leather Shoes

A pair of leather shoes is that one thing that upgrades your whole look and your overall personality. Irrespective of whether it is a pair of loafers or formal one, It cannot be denied that leather shoes give a premium and a luxurious feeling to its consumers.

Leather shoes are a great add on for both formal and casual wear. No matter what you wear them with, formal blazers and trousers or casual jacket and a pair of jeans, they add finesse to your vibe, and wherever you walk in, the mercury rises.

Leather shoes require a little attention so that they remain in excellent condition. So, let’s look at the tips on how to take care of leather shoes for their longevity.

Gathering the shoe-care items

Your leather shoes need all of your love and care, so stock up on items like shoe creams, brushes with gentle bristles, polishes and conditioners. Different elements of leather have different requirements, for example, while leather in general needs polishing, suede leather shoes do not require to be polished.

The right treatment to wet shoes

Water is the kryptonite to your beloved shoes. Keep them dry at all times! If at all the shoes get exposed to water and moisture, pat them dry with a dry towel or paper towel. Place some inside the shoes as well so that it soaks in all the moisture. You are never to expose them under direct sunlight or any other harsh source of heat, like a hair dryer. It is essential to waterproof the shoes, especially if worn on a daily basis. This can be done by waxing them once a year or using spray products monthly or seasonally on the basis of the frequency of usage.

The right way to clean them

Since leather shoes are to be kept away from water, they cannot be cleaned the usual way. Brush off the dirt with a shoe brush and then wipe gently with a dampened cloth. It is advisable to separate the laces from the shoes to avoid any wear and tear. Clean the laces in warm or hot soapy water. Stubborn stains are even more difficult to remove, so do not wait for them to get very dirty. Clean them right away.

Treat them the way you treat your skin

Leather shoes are an integral part of your dressing and we do understand it. Leather shoes, over time, may become hard and cracks may form on the surface, if not taken care of. There are creams and conditioners meant for leather shoes. Apply them gently with a gentle brush.

Let them shine

Any type of shoe polish can be used to polish leather shoes. It does not increase the life of the shoes, but grooms them and makes them look brand new.

Flaunt your shoes and they will take you places.

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