Leather Shoes- The Paramount Chief

Leather shoes add an aristocratic, a vintage vibe to one’s aura. This may be due to its history dating as far back as 5,500 years ago, found in Armenia, were leather shoes made of cowhide and grass lining. Leather shoes were worn by the aristocrats and the nobles during the 13th and 14th centuries and also the early medieval Egyptians of 400AD. All through the centuries till date leather shoes remain to be the paramount chief of shoes, and all for the good reasons too. They are supreme in quality, long lasting, breathable and also offer protection from hot and not-very-heavy objects, to your feet. Leather shoes are more of an investment as they last you a life-time.

Leather shoes are considered, by the mass, a symbol of status and prestige. Due to this reason they are often saved for special occasions only, for they are that much valuable. But that does not have to be the case if they are worn the right way. Let’s look at the different ways leather shoes can be worn.

The Tenacious Brogue Leather

The brogue leather shoes come in different shades of brown, ranging from light to dark. These shoes hold true to their beauty when they are worn with well fitted trousers only. To accentuate the ferocious design of the shoes, it must be made sure that the laces are not covered by the trousers. If you want to go for a casual look and wear jeans with the shoes, we recommend a pair of dark jeans.

The Ideal Formals

The Oxford and Derby leather shoes are perfect for that crisp formal look. Although they both are very similar and are often confused for the other, they can be identified on the basis of their lacing style. The Derby shoes have open lacing whereas the Oxfords have closed lacing. These shoes have the ability to pair with any outfit. If you want to go for a casual look, the brown Derbies can be paired with dark jeans and a pair of bright, colourful socks (like Marvel socks) for the added bonus. For a formal look, go for the darker brown or black. Even English tan is a safe choice. Pair them up with darker shades of socks to gain that classy look. Oxfords always go best with formals and even better with a tuxedo!

The Beautiful Perforations

Brogues and Oxfords are not mutually exclusive. Brogues are the perforations on the shoes. So if an Oxford shoe is designed with those perforations, then it can be called a Brogue shoe. The traditional broguing patterns around the seams and on the toes make them brogues. While Oxfords are inclined more towards formal looks, the perforations on the Brogues make them perfect for casual wear and gives one a sexy country cow-boy look, as these shoes have an association with the countryside. In the western regions, the Brogues were preferred to be worn to carry out rural activities as, if at all water entered the shoes while walking in damp fields, the holes or the perforations would allow the water to pass through. Pair them up with ripped jeans and you will look as sexy as never before.

Experiment with our variant leather shoes collection and set your own style statement!

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